As the year is winding up, yes, here's how not to work and yet be making close to $200 to $400 monthly online if YOUR ARE SERIOUS.

There are several ways people make GENUINE money online:
Among the popular ones are as follows:- From selling information products, to
- Affiliate marketing , to
- Designing website via Freelance and other freelance jobs
- Blogging and Google Adsense and many others.

But all of these way which are great money maker will require a certain amount of money for you to start with.

In as much as it is always fitting to make necessary sacrifices that will help one succeed in what ever adventure he/she engages in, there is also a way of making it online without really Working our ass off.

Right about now I'll reveal a step by step guide of a new money making secret that was recently discovered.

This same method can be used by ANYONE, who has the need for money to make at least $200 to $400 monthly or more monthly.

I guess you are ready to learn this new secret, let's roll:

This technique is based on a concept known as OUTSOURCING.

Outsourcing simply refers to the process of subcontracting to a third-party. For example, giving out an article writing job to someone else to do for you at a fee.

Many people outsource article writing jobs to people. I do this also and right about now, I am about outsourcing about 100 articles to my writer at $5 per article.

You should be aware that lots of people outsource jobs like article writing everyday. That means every month millions in dollars are being paid to article writers.

That's the loophole...

But how do we make the money here?

It's not even what you may be thinking right now...

No...You are not going to be writing articles for people, instead you will become what is referred to as ARTICLE WRITER JOINT-BROKER.

Take for example, I outsource my articles to my writer at $5 per article. I don't know him and he doesn't know me..

Now check this out...

What if I could get someone who is willing to pay $7 for an article and then I give him the job. While I pay him $5 for every article he writes, I get $2 without writing anything!.

Can you now see why I said YOU MUST NOT WORK TO MAKE MONEY?

Going by our instance above, all I need to start making $200 monthly is to get 100 articles written by a writer while pocketing $2 from each.

Are you getting the gist?

If you are, here is how to go about it:

1. Go to jobs sites like,,

and sign up with them as an employer and job seeker. That is, you Open two different accounts. One sign-up as a job-seeker[in this case the writer] and then sign-up again as a job-provider/employer.

After signing up as a job-seeker that's looking for writing jobs, whenever someone post a job that's related to your criteria, you get an alert via email.

Let's assume that the job you get is 500 articles at $7. Quickly post THE same job using a different format stating that you need someone who can write 500 articles for you at $5. Ask them to send you samples. Once they do, send the samples to the guy who original wants the articles.

Once the deal is concluded, he pays you. You pay the Writer and keep your share. For example
using the above example your share will be $1,000 cash without buying or selling anything.

For real, this is a great secret that won't cost you nothing.

If you do a simple research online on the amount of money spent on for example, you
will be amazed on how many millions of Naira exchanges hands on outsourcing alone.

So you see you can so build on this system until you start consistently be making $400 or more monthly. Alternative-work-to-make-it-online So, get to work and thank me later!
I am just committed to your success and this is another multiple stream that many have kept secret and are profiting from it. You have no excuse for you not to be successful this time again even as the year 2014 comes towards end. If u can profit 10 dollars a day then you are on your way to 400 dollars per months. Isn't it worth it.

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A Nigerian entrepreneur who loves publishing and specializes in adsense, affiliate marketing, article writing and website designing.

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