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Its high time you say no to spending between N120,000 and N180,000 to buy a brand new laptop. Because this same category of laptops are what you can get for just between N14,000 and N52,000. This is a secret that most of Nigerian laptop importers have been using and getting richer everyday. so here is a golden opportunity for u too to buy or to start buying a BRAND NEW laptop of your choise with no less than N14,000 and no higher than N52,000 (i can bet u on this) in a secret website i will be introducing to you.

Its how to buy a new mini laptop or tablet with just 14,000 naira only, also how to start your own shipping business and make lots of money from it, just to say a few , you could buy Brand new 7inches latest Android tablet for just 14,000 - 10,000 and sell down here in Nigeria at 30,000 naira, thats to tell you i bought 4 pieces with 14,000 each and sold at 30,000 each, do you know how much i made on 1??? kindly do the calculation and see the gain i made, i think you you know that a brand new tablet Here in Nigeria cost around 100,000 to 150,000 now imagine i offer you a simple way of ordering Directly from the manufacture with just 14,000 naira, not only that you could get a brand new tablet but also you can get as well any brand of laptop or any electronics at a very cheaper price,you just name your electronics or any product you wish to buy,then am assuring you will get it with a very cheaper price, all this will be shipped directly to your home address, infact you will be happy after you lay your hands on this info,
Oh you are wondering how long it took my tablet to arrive Nigeria??? it Took juts 7days using DHL,they shipped it directly to my head Office right here in IMO State Nigeria...

For long now have being receiving lots of mails from various part of Nigeria, from well wishers and people who are seriously ready to ship in theirs but lacks the right info in other not to fail victim of any scam site.
Am set now to unveil to you all the secret site i make use off, its all compiled into an EBOOK .You don't have to worry about anything as you will be getting steps by Steps on how to go about it.

You can do you search on it,almost every site here in Nigeria will ask you to Pay 3,000 naira to Get theirs but am offering you mine with with just 2,000.

Hmmm...are you interested in buying and getting yours??

K..its as simple as A...B....C...,am gonna be sending you the complete ebook, it consists of A-Z info on how i bought a Brand New laptop with just #14,000,without stress or struggle or what not joking dont need computer village or slut before you get any of your product,to say the truth,their products are just to costly,(sluts and comp.v) mind you with just #22,000 you can get 2 Brand new laptop which you can re-sell at #25,000 each that makes #50,000 for the 2 laptops you bought with just #22,000,now you see how much money you could earn by doing this little buying and selling,i assure you will make lots of money doing this.

This KIT is capable of changing your financial dream either to own a laptop or to make a profit, so will you be among those that want to change all this story to glory, then i will advice you to take a bold step and obtain your own copy of this life changing manual, you might be asking yourself how much will this kit cost me, N20, 000, N15, 000, N10, 000? Hell no, am one guy that love to see people succeed because i vow to make a change in the society that we're in. So my friend am not going to charge you those amounts, but for the sum of N2, 000 for one time investment, and you will be glad that you never allow this great opportunity to pass you by and you will also thank me for reveling this secret to you. So for you to get this amazing kit, pls in order to be sure you are ready for a change pls this kit ( ebook) cost just #2000 only.
there is no time to grab this offer better than now as the year is about to end you will really love this info. 


If Interested ,and you know you are ready to get your Brand New laptop with #14,000 just like i got mine some weeks back,or probably you want to start making Huge amount of money Buying of laptops an Tablets at cheaper rate and selling at your own desirable price or suitable price,

Kindly make payment of just #2000 to Get within secs,the full info already made into an Ebook,on how to get yours and also order for bulk laptops,just as i did,kindly make the payment to the accnt below.

Accnt name:IBE JOSEPH C.
Bank :         GTBANK
Accnt no:   0043726409

Send ur sender name/teller no and what you orderd for to 08068212790,do not forget i bought a Brand new laptop with what am about showing you with just #14,000,you can get urs just as and liked i did got mine,but the choice is yours to take.
 Grab this opportunity or Buy at higher Price where ever you choose to buy,but am assuring you that its so real and legit..

For enquires call; 08064904527
Proudly Adonai Global Services
Signed C.E.O.

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