For over a month now, there has been some sort of free browsing on glo network in a bid to reward its customers like other competing Networks. Just like the Etisalat 15MB bonus you get each time your phone is recharged with 200 Naira or more exclusive only to those on Easycliq tariff plan, Glo offers its subscribers some data bundle with each recharge too. I wonder why there was little or no noise about this bonus because I was unaware till someone who had been using if for over a month told me about it. The good news is that you can use it on your PC and mobile phone with all your mobile aplications like opera, bolt, nimbuzz, ebuddy and so on.

With Each 500 Naira recharge, glo offers you a data of 25MB to browse the internet free. This doesn't work with the regular gloflat settings or Glo Netpro settings, it only works with glosecure access point. It quit easy if you've been using your Glo SIM card fo surfing the internet before but if you haven't, you need to first activate your line for internet access by sending Nokia N95 in a text message to 927 and 667. You should, of course, replace Nokia N95 with your own phone model to get the settings compatible with your phone. If you can't activate it through text message, you might need to activate a data bundle of just 100 Naira by dialing *127*51#. This activates your line for Instant surf and you need to connect with these settings to use that:

Profile Name: Glo 3G (or whatever)
Access Point (APN): gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

Note that these settings above will not work for this free browsing I'm talking about. After recharging with 500 Naira, dial 124, then press 1. You will be told your account balance and data balance (in kilobytes).

500 naira recharge = 25,000 kb = 25 MB
1000 naira recharge = 50,000 kb = 50MB

The more you recharge, the more data you have available to surf the net for free.

Whether you're using a cellphone or a USB modem, you can enjoy this free browsing offer by using the settings below:

Profile name - Glo Direct (or whatever you want)
Access point (APN) - glosecure
Username - gprs
Password - gprs

If you're using Glo Netpro or Glo 3g Prepaid USB modem, go to Tools > Options > Profile Management > New and key in the settings above. That's all! I hope this freebie lasts for a long time to come but the simple fact is that it probably won't.

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