Domain names are just like lands purchased at relatively cheap prices and allowing it to appreciate in value before selling at a very high profit. Or even building on it or letting it out for a recurring income in the form of rental dues.
Yes, no wonder, it is also called Internet Real Estate.
But domain names are bought and used online for several reasons:
You can buy and sell it off at your own favorable price or when the value appreciates. Registering a domain name starts from $6.99 - $9.95 at present depending on the registrars.
You can also decide to park your domains with some adsense adverts that can be handled by any of the reputable parking companies online and make some money too.
You can even decide to build/set up a website with it and sell your products on your website.
Now this is one interesting way to make passive income from your domain names. It is called Domain Parking.

It allows owners of domain names or website address to display customized pages for their names. When visitors arrive at these sites, they are shown targeted advertising related to the domain name and keywords. Users can click through to those advertisers’ sites, and the domain owner can earn money.
In other words, it has to do with registering your domain names. I use to know the most searched keywords/niche and how much advertising bids is placed on the keywords before thoughtfully creating domain names around such keywords. The cost of registering a domain name differs from website. Foreign Domain registrars you can check out include but not limited to the following:
Or better still, you can also check out any of the hosting companies in Nigeria, but ensure that you are getting quality service from any of them in terms of customer service and quick response time.
There are many advertising companies online like, etc that are ready to pay you to advertise on your website or blog. This is not adsense program.
Domain parking is free. You are only required to have a memorable and niche targeted domain name that can generate traffic, preferably not more than two word phrase.
Companies like,, and will supply the adverts to your domain name. You don’t even need to bother how that will be done. That is the work of the parking companies. You just wait for your cheque at the end of the month or 15th day of the following month depending on the parking company you registered with, and how much you have made.
You can check any of the parking companies below and sign up for free. - You must register a minimum of Ten (10) domain names to be accepted here. You must provide an email address from your own site to be accepted here. This is because, you need to confirm the email address you provided in the course of signing up in their site. And certainly not with free email accounts like gmail or yahoo mail accounts.
The whole process doesn’t take time, depending on the speed of your internet connection. After that you are done with the set-up process of your automated income machine. At the end of the month, your cheque is sent to your address (which must be secured).
Visit these sites below to see what domain parked sites look like:;;;;;;

Any name you register must:
1. Be easy to pronounce and understand.
Your potential visitors should be able to spell, understand and remember your domain name.
Consider your target niche market, since they are the visitors who certainly will bring in traffic to your website. When choosing a domain name, you will typically want to register a dotcom (.com) because it’s the easiest to remember. You are also at liberty to protect your website by registering the other extensions like .net, .org, .info, .tv etc
Be Search engine friendly
Consider registering your domain names by using the best keywords that define your niche. Search engines tend to locate and rank websites more easily when the domain name is keyword related.
Ensure you keep it simple, short and be creative as much as possible.
3. Be Unique
Your domain name should be descriptive and reflective of what your site or your online business is all about.
4. Be easy to outlive and grow with.
When choosing your domain names do not limit your usability and applicability of the name to the short term. Choose a name that will give you rooms to expand and still work several years to come. For example a domain like might lose its traffic after year 2009 and beyond.
Note: Avoid registering domain names that are trademarks of other companies, because you will be attracting legal actions from their representatives.

Expired Domain Names
Another good way of finding unique names for your personal or business use is through the secondary market – by going through the list of expired domain names and backorder it at a cheap price.
But ensure, you consider the traffic on the sites, before buying such domain names. Check to see the volume of traffic the site has, and then backorder it. Perhaps, you want to know the details of the owner for possible negotiation, click on, and search through, you will find the information needed.

Sources claim that about 70,000 – 90,000 domain names expire daily without the owners renewing them for reasons best known to them. Listen to this – that domain name is yours for the period of registration which is usually One (1) year. At the end of One (1) year, you are expected to renew that domain name. Failing which someone else might just go ahead and register the domain name and you will not have any legal claim to it. It is possible for you to register a domain name for less than $10 and resell it far higher than what you paid to get it. Getting such domain names are good avenues of earning $1,000 and above monthly as income from parking the domain names.

Rick Schwartz, who is called the Domain King, because he earns $2,000,000.00 annually in passive income from his domains, was asked “if you were getting involved with this today, what would you be doing?” He answered, if I had no money, like I had no money when I got into this before, that’s what I would do. I’d be going in and buying domains for really cheap and turning around and flipping them, making $500 - $1,000 a pop”.
You can check out the following sites for expired domain names:,,,; and so on……

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