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Getting active in forums can and will increase blog traffic. If you are seen as someone who is adding value to the community people will check out your blog. In fact, you will find some of your best readers coming from a discussion group if you do it right.

It's popular to bash forums these days, but done right it still brings people to your blog. Make sure your are adding valuable comments, and adding to the conversation.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your time on forums...

1. Find forums in your niche - Pretty much every niche has multiple discussion groups people visit. You should be able to find the top two or three without too much difficultly. Simply type in your niche plus the word forum into Google, and you should get plenty of results.

2. Choose your name carefully - Many times you'll see people with user names like JK345Xd5 or Bunny864. These might have meaning to the person who created the user name, but the are meaningless to the rest of the world. It is a good idea to pick a user name that makes sense. Like your name maybe.

3. Complete Your Profile - Fill out your profile completely. Add a picture, contact information and any web addresses you have set up. You would be surprised how many people will visit your profile and then visit your webpage.

4. Read the rules - One of the first things you should do is find the post with forum rules. Almost every forum will have a sticky post with the rules you are expected to follow. If you want to be a good citizen in this community, it's important to read the rules. This will keep you out of trouble, and possibly prevent you from getting banned.

5. Take it easy - Resist the urge to jump on your new discussion group and start posting. It you are too aggressive here you will most likely run into some problems. I find it best to check out each place, and get a feel for how the community interacts with each other.

6. Become a valuable member - One of the best ways to get lots of traffic is to become a valued member of the community. Adding valuable content, answering questions and being a good forum citizen will do wonders. Get in there interact and socialize

7. Use Your Signature File Right - First make sure they allow signature files. There are discussion groups that don't allow sig files, and it's your responsibility to know this. Once it's OK go head and add a link to your blog to your signature file. Try to avoid adding many site to your sig file. In this case more is not better.

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From Keith Goodrum - The Zero To Hero Blog Guy.

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