Ideas about what to post on your blog – try these tips.

Blogs today have changed when they were just used for personal ideas and thoughts. A blog has evolved into something that can be used for publishing just about any content on the internet. The ease with which free or paid publishing programs can be obtained, installed and setup is ridiculous. Wordpress one of the more popular programs is not only free but famous for it 5 minute install and also the vast range of plugin’s, small programs that interact with the main program, to change it is used and its usability to the nth degree.

Pay Per Click search engine marketing is simply the fastest way to test campaigns for profitability - and to keep them profitable. The only problem is that it can be incredibly intimidating to get started. Even those who have been in the game for quite some time are often seeking advice on how to earn more money and stop bleeding unnecessary cash.

So what can you put in a blog?

Here are some ideas to help with coming up with content on a regular basis. Some people are natural at talking about anything and everything about themselves and if they do it in a controversial way they make the bigger news sites and get more visits. This can lead to better and more valuable advertising on the site and bring in an income. Either part time or full time incomes have been known to be earned. Other people use them for fansites, club sites, specialist interest sites. By publishing the latest and greatest on any of these sectors they can become quite popular and command authority on the web.

The main thing with a blog as opposed to a regular website is that they can be very dynamic in that they allow your visitors to comment on what you written, this can be a good thing or it can be bad if you don’t have the time to moderate the comments and keep them true to the subject or clean and free from spam and other negative posts. There are plugins that can manage spam quite well and you can set comments to be checked before publishing or just turn them off.

1. You could start with news publishing or syndicating. You could write original reports on news in your area or on a specialist subject. Your favorite sports team, hobby just about anything. If the sector has regular events or games then just commenting on these and letting the visitors know about them in a timely fashion can get you a good amount of visitors. You can even use one for an internal or external company news outlet as they are so easy to install and use. You can post news on just about anything. If you’re a company it can keep employees and customers alike informed of the latest company news or special offers or deals etc.

3. If you sell products from your blog you can easily add customer reviews and testimonials. You can even easily add videos of how your product can be used or should be used. Who needs infomercials? Your blog can be a whole collection of them. You could even get your customers to video themselves using your product and post it, perhaps even give them a discount or bonus for allowing the video to be used. You don’t even have to pay for hosting the video as there are many video upload sites like Youtube that the video can be hosted on and a plugin used to display it on your Wordpress blog. Same for Powerpoint slides of presentations as well.

4. You can use your blog to comment on other products and review them, if you’re into camera’s then reviewing the latest models can keep you busy writing posts. You can comment on posts on other blogs or stories making the headlines. Do you agree or disagree with them?

5. You can use your blog to inform the local community of contests, prizes. You could set puzzles or questions and get your visitors to partake in games. You could use it to raise awareness of issues or charity events.

6. One of the best ways to add content is to give tips about tricks and techniques on how to do things. Again video can be used to demonstrate procedures.

You can blog about anything that you want and whats more its possible to earn an income from the blog as there are many companies you can join for free who will supply advertising and split the revenue with you. Google Adwords is one, by placing some code from there Adsense program on your blog then people who advertis with Google in there Adwords program will see their Ads supplied to interested websites through the Google Adsense program. One is for Advertisers and the other for publishers. Google takes a cut and you get a cut. The publisher gets his Ad in front of visitors who are interested in the same thing as the content of the page they are viewing and the publisher gets paid for the privilege, this is by Pay per click which means the publisher gets paid a share of what the advertiser paid Google for every click on the Ad. Don’t think this will easy and that all you have to do is advertise and click on your own Ads. Google and the other search engines have ways of tracking clicks and you will soon be detected, banned and maybe even prosecuted. Make sure you read the terms and conditions very carefully.

There are other networks that do this as well such as Yahoo and MSN. There are also loads of other companies that can supply Ads on a different basic such as Cost per Action. These work by the visitor completing say a survey or supplying an email address for more information, the advertiser then pays for each lead it gets, this can be quite a lot sometimes in the mortgage and insurance sector as the long term value of a successfully customer they obtain is obviously worth more than a business that makes a one off sale.

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