Earlier this week I decided to sell two established sites on The purpose of selling these sites was to use the money towards a private investment. One site, a site that was 30 days old,, was sold for $1,000 and the other site, a blog that was over 2 years old,, was sold for $3,500. The money earned was more than needed for my investment and I was pleased.

These two sites sold very quickly and lead me to look further into the site flipping business. I spent some time looking at the current auctions listed in, and to be honest, I was very disappointed in what I saw. I couldn’t believe that people were buying the garbage being offered. At that point, I knew quickly that I had a great opportunity to make money while also helping people at the same time.

I developed what I called The 30 Day Pre-Flip. The 30 Day Pre-Flip auctions are sites that are brand new and have absolutely zero record of income earnings or traffic, but have the high potential of earning huge profits. This is fully explained in the auction description. Potential buyers are welcome to bid at a very low price. If my site doesn’t sell during the 30 Day Pre-Flip period, I will then re-list the site after having documentation of earnings and traffic.

The only stipulation for the potential buyer is the fact that if the site isn’t purchased during the Pre-Flip stage, the cost will go up in order to acquire the site during the re-list. All in all, the model is simple: Buy Now for cheap (More Risk / Potential FOr Quick ROI) or Buy Later for more (Less Risk / Increased Time on ROI).

The problem I face now, which I guess actually comes to no surprise, is the fact that people are stealing my designs (literally copying my templates without even making remote changes) and copying my auction format descriptions (again… without even having the care to change anything) and duplicating exactly what I have been doing on In some cases, auction sellers even admit that they have copied (stole) from me within the auction description itself.

This creates a series of problems. Number one… people are stealing from me, that goes without saying. This doesn’t come to a surprise to me, it was my fault for not protecting myself. Number two… buyers are now at risk because these Copy Cats have taken something that I have provided and turned it into a cookie cutter system, which degrades on the quality of the service significantly.

The reason why my sites being sold are successful is due to three elements. The design, the content, and the research. The problem that will surface with buyers purchasing from the Copy Cats, is the lack of one of most important of the three elements: The Research.

With that said, the personal problem I also have with this is the fact that having people copy what I do puts my business and ability to earn money online at risk. I love more than ever to help people via my blog and my mailing list and even via by offering amazing and high quality blogs and websites to sell; however, this comes - as I quickly discovered - at a huge price due to the fact that I have people who copy what I do and when I do it.

The same situation happened to me when I was active selling While everyone aimlessly displayed banner ads on their blog, I was one of the only people that said, “Hey… instead of displaying these banners and hoping for the best, I am going to do something different than others and actually WORK for my sales commission.” And that is exactly what I did. I made it very well known to thousands of people that, “If you sign up for, I will build you a blog.” Very quickly after, then the Copy Cats start kicking in and duplicating what I do.

In fact, I even had a customer sign up for and ask me to install his blog which turned out to be in DIRECT competition with my business. Fast forward two months, and this same guy just emailed me a few days ago and asked for me to help him sell that SAME site on

I am the type of person who will literally stop my car, pull over and help someone stranded on the side of the road. However, my battle is being this way in a world that is full of people who care nothing more than themselves. Unfortunately, events such as the promo and the newly created 30 Day Pre-Flip get to me emotionally.

Ideally, it would be great to figure out a way to continue to help and teach the people who read my blog, who also have no interest in backstabbing me. But, I don’t see how that is possible. So many people complain about other bloggers who never help them and don’t teach them how to make money online. I try very hard to change this and provide the needed information here on my blog. But, once again, this comes with a price. Because those who complain about other bloggers not teaching them how to make money are typically the same people who would steal from the bloggers who do.

I am leaving out on a business trip to Pennsylvania Saturday morning and I will return home early afternoon on Tuesday. While I am gone, I am strongly going to consider what I need to do in the future with my blog. I enjoy and love helping thousands of people, but I don’t enjoy and love putting my business and my family at risk due to people who use my information against me.

My heart tells me to push forward, but each time I do, I get screwed over. My gut and brain tells me that I need to keep my ideas to myself and lock them up securely and tell no one. One of the greatest qualities I have with my job and making money online is my capacity for creating ideas. My level of creativity is amazingly high, and I have no problems communicating this to people. I might not have the most practical business sense, but I do have amazing ideas that generate huge profits for me time and time again.

My business of making money online is far from being at risk. The problem at hand is with me making a decision on whether or not I continue to publish on the topic of teaching people how to make money online. Blogging and teaching others is very rewarding, but also is making a lot of money. My transparency, my honesty, and my eagerness to help others is something that has always come back to bite me in the ass.

I have a few days to decide on what I will do, but I am already leaning towards keeping anything and everything I do a strong kept secret from the public. I am sorry that it has to be this way, but I know no other way. I want and will continue to find amazing wealth from the Internet, I would love to take you with me, but I don’t see how that is possible continuing to do things as I have been doing.

If you would like to leave a comment or some feedback, you’re more than welcome to. Otherwise, I will address you and your fellow readers and subscribers when I return from Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Best Regards,Garry Conn.
Ibe Joseph C

A Nigerian entrepreneur who loves publishing and specializes in adsense, article writing and website designing.

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