We are on the threshold of a new year and I must confess I’m very excited.I’m excited because I know online business is going to blossom in the new year and I have compiled some trends I believe will dominate the new year below:

Trend No 1:More and more people will get into internet business. According to an MSN Money Report,’

Indeed, more than half of all U.S. businesses are now run from kitchen tables, extra bedrooms, basements and garages. Home-based businesses make a $530 billion contribution to the nation’s economy each year.

And for many Americans, starting up at home has become a necessity. What appeared to be simply another economic downturn a year ago, when we compiled the first Home-Based 100, has devolved into a far more dire situation. Major economic giants, including Lehman Bros. (LEHMQ, news, msgs), American International Group (AIG, news, msgs) and General Motors (GM, news, msgs), have shown their vulnerability. As corporate titans lay people off by the thousands, many Americans are being forced to find new ways to make a living.

Their criteria? Inexpensive to start. Immediate results.

Enter home-based businesses. Running your own show from home typically requires little more than a skill set and a passion. It has become the stepping-off point for many a newbie entrepreneur.’

You can read more about this article at MSN.

Trend N0 2-More and More Social Networking Sites will come up so the earlier you sharpen your Web 2.0 skills the better.The Social Networking and Bookmarking Sites I currently use are Twitter,Facebook,Stumbleupon,Digg.There are others such as Reddit,etc.They are all good for generating traffic just that you have to streamline how you use them so you don’t end up spending productive time on them.Use them purposely to grow your traffic and not for unfruitful socializing.I hope you understand what I mean.

Discover how to use Social Media and Web 2.0 to drive traffic to your sites below:

Four Ways to Drive Traffic Via Social Media and Web 2.0

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Twitter and Stumbleupon

Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

5 Ways You Can Use Social Networking To DriveTraffic To Your Site

Trend No 3:Niche Sites that deliver value will prosper.By this,I mean sites that are focused at a particular group of people.A Niche is a group of people with similar interests.Football lovers are a niche,technology geeks are a niche,etc.Please,if you are thinking of launching an Internet Business,think of a niche and stop focusing on make money online niche.That is the only thing that will make you succeed beyond your wildest dreams online.’Just look at 2008 honoree Britt Taylor, who began marketing swords and related merchandise online about two years ago. He threw a few hundred dollars at Google AdWords and has since grown his home-based business to a monthly gross of $30,000, half of which he pockets as profit.’ Britt succeeded because he focused on a niche-people who are interested in buying swords online.

Trend No 4:Recession or no recession,online Spending will increase,so,position yourself to get a piece of the cake.According to Derek Gehl,CEO of the Internet Marketing Centre:”Internet shopping is predicted to hit $145.1 Billion in the coming
year, a significant 14% increase — despite the recession!”

“Consumers will be spending more time at home, using their
computers for everything from bargain hunting and product
research to upgrading skills.”

Trend No 5:Only aggressive internet marketers will survive the new year.If you really lack marketing skills,please update your knowledge because aggressive marketing will be needed to survive online in the new year.

Read the following to update your marketing skills:

4 Ways to Market Your Business Online

Talking about Marketing,both free(article submission,forum networking,social media,etc) and paid methods(adwords,MSN adcenter,Yahoo Search Marketing,Text Link Ads etc) will be employed.So,gird up your loins.

That’s as far as I can think but you can also make an input by hitting the reply button below.

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This is a very good article from my mentor Mrs Iyabo Oyawale.
So what are you waiting for its time to make some bucks on the internet.
Happy Reading.

Ibe Joseph C.

A Nigerian entrepreneur who loves publishing and specializes in Adsense, Article writing and website designing.

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