Have you heard about twitter? If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, it’s a free online service where people can post very brief updates (up to 140 characters), and other people who are interested can follow and comment on those updates. As a result,relationships can be built and this can be very beneficial for online business.Think of it as a sort of a micro-blogging platform.

I had heard about Twitter a long time ago but I dismissed it as a sheer waste of my precious time.But I was forced to take it serious when John Reese talked about it’s usefulness in one of his email newsletters which I am a subscriber of. This email pushed me to sign up for an account but I still remained apathetic towards using the service. Few days later,Yaro Starak talked about the usefulness of embracing this tool in his post entitled:Yes I Am On Twitter.

Thereafter,I decided to take more than a passing interest in the service but I never got round to it because at a point,I became overwhelmed with the sheer number of social networking and social bookmarking sites that one needs to keep abreast with;Facebook,Linkedin,Stumbleupon,Digg,Reddit,etc.As a result,I decided to ignore these services altogether because it takes a lot of time to use them effectively and I felt I should channel my energies into more productive ventures.

What finally broke my resolve was the free Twitter ebook released by Joel Comm.The book was quite explanatory and I set to work but time was not always there.This Friday,December 12th,I decided to post some updates on my twitter account and lo and behold,I got over 20 new followers.For now,I have resolved to go with Twitter in terms of getting traffic to my sites.But,I don’t lay claim to being an authority on using twitter to get traffic,so,I highly recommend you download Joel Comm’s free Twitter ebook.



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