Before you start this course, I want to make it known that “Action” backed up by hard work and persistence is needed. There is much to making $450 weekly only if you take things seriously.- Why should you be an affiliate?I have heard a lot of experts say that you have to create your own products in order to really make money online. That is true. But it would be when you have established yourself as a well known expert in your field. If you can focus on affiliate marketing first, you will surely become a high money maker in a short time if you will follow what I have to say.Another thing is that been an affiliate will put an end to problems like: I don’t know how to collect payments on my site or how to sign up with merchants like paypal or clickbank. As an affiliate, you only act as a preseller. So,WHO IS AN AFFILIATE?An affiliate is someone who helps a merchant to sell his products. When he makes sale, he collects a certain percentage of the profit known as commission which would have been agreed upon before he starts.AN ORDINARY AFFILIATE OR A SUPER AFFILIATE?There are 2 types of affiliates- the ordinary affiliate is the one who makes around $100-$1000 monthly while the super affiliates are the likes of Ewen Chia, Rosalind Gardener etc who make between $10,000- $70,000 monthly.Choose a group out of the two but I note that the work of a super affiliate is far greater than that of an ordinary one and requires super dedication.I am yet to see a Nigerian who is a super affiliate and I am currently doing a research on why it is so. I believe you can be the first Nigerian super affiliate that I would ever know. It is possible. We are more intelligent than the “oyinbos.”4 CRITICAL STEPS TO AFFILIATE MARKETING.
1. Sign up as an affiliate on any affiliate network or on any affiliate program.Examples of affiliate networks are,,, associateprograms.com2. Choose the profitable niches to specialize on. Don’t be a jack of all trades.3. marketing (the most important step of all)4. collecting your payments.(the sweetest part)Let’s take these steps one after the other.===============================================
SIGNING UP AS AN AFFILIATE.To sign up as an affiliate is very easy. However some affiliate networks may prove stubborn by restricting Nigerians e.g. Clickbank.comI would advise you to try and sign up as an affiliate on a site like Clickbank however due to the numerous products been offered by them.I believe Akin Alabi can help you with that.However, if you do not have the money or patience for clickbank,sites like, associate are okay.After signing up, read everything about the site and how they operate.Then get set for number
2.=== CHOOSING A PROFITABLE NICHE.This aspect is often overlooked by internet beginners but it is also very important. Why? You must have a ready made market for the product you want to sell as an affiliate.For instance, you can imagine what would happen if I traveled to the united states to start a generator sales business. Who would buy from me? Nobody.To get profitable aspects to focus on, follow the steps below.1. List down all your passions or problems. E.g. dog training, pimples, body odour, premature ejaculation, etc.2. Pick these niches one by one and go to the internet to do the following.a.
Go to the overture suggestion tool at . type in the niche and check out the amount of time it was searched for. If it is tiny, then it is not a profitable niche but if it is much like 5,000 above, then consider it as one that is profitable.
b. Do the same on
c. Do the same on (use their free trial)d. Go to and search for books on the subject. If there are books on it, then it is a profitable one.e. Go to yahoogroups and google roups at and and search if there are active groups on the subject. If there are then the topic is okay.f. Search for forums on about the niche, if you can find, then it is profitable.So, let’s move on to number
3.====AFFILIATE MARKETING. This is where we will be spending most of our time and I would be brief as much as possible because there is no way I can ever teach more than 30% of this topic on a forum. But I will try my best.DO YOU NEED A WEBSITE?For successful affiliate marketing, you really need a website for very powerful reasons. This is one of what differentiates super affiliates from the ordinary ones. And getting a website is so cheap and easy nowadays.However, there are ways for you to make affiliate sales without a website.9more on this later)
OTHER THINGS.You need to know about the following or you can outsource for them.• Copywriting(Sales letter writing and headline writing)• E-mail marketing• Auto responder usage• Classified advert writing• Article writing• Google adwords or PPC advertising.
I have just summarized a lot of things because these hings are broad. For instance, Yanik Silver wrote a book on using auto responders titled Autoresponder Magic.” The book alone has over 500 pages.A lot of books has been written about effective Affiliate marketing. For instance, see
And lots of others. If you need any of these books, just send me a mail and I will be glad to help you out with them.You should also visit on more tips and advice on affiliate marketing.You will also find a lot of free courses and books on affiliate marketing at .
In affiliate marketing, all you have to do is to market a link that would be given to you by the affiliate program you are helping.
E.g. if you are using, your affiliate link would look like this:
Note that there is a different link for each product.
Where abcd= your username that you used in signing upAnd mystical= the username of the merchant or the owner of the product you are selling.

Some fraudsters have devised a means of hijacking affiliates commission. So, due to this, you have to always protect your affiliate links. To do this in a very simple way, go to . type in your affiliate link and change it to a tinyurl link.For instance, if my affiliate link is , by the time I change it, it would become shorter and look like
This means that if anybody types or click on ,
the person would be directed to the merchant’s website through my link and when he makes a purchase, I will get a commission.

Most people are so fearful and doubtful as regards their payments. Don’t worry. There is an easy way.1. Try and open a dormiciliary account with your bank. With this, you will be able to send and receive payments internationally. This would also help you in clearing your affiliate cheques because you will be paid by cheque most of the time.2. Get a safe mail box: Preferably a p.o box so that your mails will reach you safely.3. most of the time, you will know when you are expecting a cheque.I know that there are still more things than this.

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