Sorry I borrowed the word ‘Bum’ from Travis Sago,originator of the Bum Marketing Method.You can find more information about him and how he can empower any ‘bum’ to start making money online almost immediately at

But this post is not about Travis Sago.It is about how any bum,irrespective of background,class,race or educational status,can make money from public domain,which I call free money.If you don’t know what Public Domain is,just read this post in which I explained
How to Make Money from Public Domain Materials. As it can be expected, knowing that something is profitable is not enough. You might think that finding and creating a saleable product from the public domain is too much work, or you may think it costs too much. You could also be worried that you don’t have the right ‘business experience’ to pull off such a venture. Worse yet, you may think you’re totally not an ‘Internet’ person.

These are valid fears, although completely unnecessary. In fact, as you will learn, public
domain works are the best way to immediately create quick-selling products, especially if
you’re just starting out in setting up your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re particularly knowledgeable about business matters or the Internet. To help allay your fears, just read the following list.

Can you:

* Spare around 1-2 hours a day towards a project that could build you a significant
stream of secondary income?
* Follow step-by-step instructions that will help you locate the most profitable
areas and evaluate an idea’s profitability?

That’s it. Anyone can profit from public domain works. All you need is:

* A willingness to earn more money.
* 1 to 2 hours a day working on your new income stream.

Of course, you can choose to work a lot more – maybe 4 hours, or even 6 hours, daily. But that won’t change your level of success, it will only help you reach your destination, and
build your income stream, faster.

Here’s a quick example.

Let’s say you find a book titled ‘The Art of Playing Poker’ from 1960 that you’ve checked
and now know is free of copyright and is firmly in the public domain. What to do with it?

Your first step would be of course to have it scanned (via an OCR service) and converted
into an editable format such as MS Word or even simple text files.

Next, you would decide what you actually want to do with the product. Let’s say this is your first business venture and you’re interested in getting started FAST and want to see some results before you dedicate more time and money to this idea. So what do you do?

You can:

* Break up the book into separate articles, build a website around the content and
earn AdSense revenue off them.
* Package the book into an eBook and sell it via a mini-site.
* Create a membership website using the content. An extension of the first idea,
this will require some work to keep the website updated regularly.

Anyone who can take these very simple steps can profit with the public domain.

Before I go,let me just give you 3 sites that were built 100% around public domain materials.

Example No is one self development site I love to visit and Vic Johnson,the guy behind it just gives out the ebook,As a Man Thinketh on the site to capture people’s email addresses.The book is in public domain and he has used it to build a million dollar internet empire for himself.

Example No 2-In 1998 Rebecca Fine, from Seattle, Washington had a classic success manual sent to her by a friend. The author had been dead nearly 90 years but the message was so powerful she had to get it out. Rebecca took this freely available public domain book and started giving it away for free from her site because as she says: “I got tired of emailing the ebook to so many people”. Her ebook took on a life of its own and this “viral” ebook started getting passed along and forwarded to people. Today she has ezine subscribers from over 114 different countries and she now has a whole line of products built around this one freely available success book. Rebbecca’s site is

Example No 3-A few years ago, my friend, Matt Furey, stumbled over a dusty home study course from 1914 teaching “catch wrestling”. Furey quickly purchased this course for a couple measly bucks and turned it into a complete manual and video set for his market of fitness and wrestling buffs. He now charges (and gets) $597.00 for this material - making himself $100,000.00+ each year from just this one product. Matt’s site is

These are true life stories.Do you now believe you can also make money from public domain? I rest my case!




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