4 Simple Steps To Turn $200 a Month
Into $1000 a Month

By Derek Gehl

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Every once in a while, a reader sends me an email that says something like this...

"Derek, help! I've done everything you've told me to do in your course and emails -- and still my website only makes $200 a month! I need to be making at least $1000 a month! WHAT SHOULD I DO???"

Well... if you really and truly have implemented all of the business strategies I recommend in my "Insider Secrets" course, and you're still generating only $200 a month instead of your target of $1000 a month -- then my advice is this...

Step #1. Build another $200 website

Step #2. Then build another $200 website

Step #3.
Then another

Step #4.
And another

... And that's it!

Now, some of you might think I'm joking... but I'm not.

If you go from one to 5 sites that are all making $200 each -- you'll have gone from making $2400 a year to $12,000 a year!

(And $12,000 isn't exactly pocket change, in my opinion.)

See, here's the thing with making money online -- the trick to becoming successful is to DIVERSIFY and MULTIPLY your streams of income whenever possible.

You should never put all your financial eggs in one basket, especially in today's uncertain economic climate. If your business is based on just one website, and that website starts to flounder because of changes in the industry, then there's only two choices you can make -- sit back and watch it sink, or pour more effort into revamping it to fit the changing market.

But if you have many different websites, all targeting different markets, then just because one fails, it doesn't mean YOU will fail. You can just shrug it off and focus your efforts on your remaining sites -- as well as any future ones you plan on building.

And the great thing is, once you've successfully set up one money-making website it's easy to duplicate the process!

It'll take you way less time and effort to set up each successive site -- because you already know what you're doing.

On top of that, if you automate your Internet business, running 5 sites doesn't take much more time than it does to run one -- so you can have multiple websites pulling in money and STILL only work a few hours a week on your business!

So if you were to ask me, is it better to have one website that makes $1000 a month -- or five websites each making $200 a month -- I'd have to say the latter, because together they'll give you more economic security in the long run.

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And besides, you never know... one of your new "$200 a month" sites just might grow into a $1000 a month profit machine!

So don't be afraid to cast a wide net! You're sure to catch more fish that way...

To your success,
Derek Gehl

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