Everyone's done it - you go to a great website. As you flip
through, you find tons of interesting information, great things you
want to buy, ebooks you want to download. You vow you'll come back
later when you have more time to check it out.

And you don't ever return. Not only do you never return, you either
don't bookmark it or you forget what name the bookmark was under.
You've lost a potential goldmine of information, and the site owner
has lost at least one, and probably several, potential future sales.

Don't let this happen to your website. Keep your customers coming
back by giving them what they really want: great information and

Hooking Them the First Time

A customer who comes to your site the first time is usually
curious, or thinks that your site has the resources to give him or
her what they are urgently seeking.

If you don't either fully engage their curiosity or demonstrate
that you are what they're looking for within the first ten seconds,
you'll lose the sale, almost guaranteed. If, on the other hand, you
hook the customer, you just might have a sale.

That crucial first ten seconds is all you have to get their
attention, and the best way to do this is by having a clear,
easy-to-read, content-rich homepage that appears to lead into
website that promises the same qualities. The qualities you should
focus on for your site are:

- Clear, legible, literate text
- Easy navigation
- Good content on the very first page.

Easy navigation is, of course, part of good web site design. To a
certain degree, legible text is also part of design. But clear,
literate text delivering good content falls outside web design.

How many times have you seen a beautifully-designed web site that
has pages filled with jargon or impossible-to-follow information -
or no information at all?

If you can't write well, there are solutions available to you. The
best solution, and one that sets you up as a clear expert in your
field, is to purchase directly from writers or from content article
brokers, like www.yourownarticles.com, articles and content that
will suit your website.

These articles have the advantage of being well-written by people
who know what they're talking about and who have excellent writing
skills. But because they sell private label rights to you, you are
able to put your own name on the article if you like.

Now you have clear, quality content on your page, and you've
established yourself as an expert. But how do you keep them coming

Repeat Customers: "Push" Marketing

If a customer likes your website enough to want to return, they
probably are also interested enough in your information to sign up
for an emailed newsletter. That's your next goal.

If you can send your potential customer pool a newsletter on a
regular basis, you are reminding them that you exist, and that you
have great information as well as good resources for them to use.

In addition, you can sell advertising on your newsletter to
secondary vendors, or you can advertise your own special bargains
and sales.

Fill your newsletters with more content provided to you through the
writer or content article broker likehttp://www.yourownarticles.com/ you
already have established a relationship with. This ensures a couple
of things: first, a consistent voice in your newsletter, instead of
one that goes from formal to informal to chummy, and back to

This isn't something that is immediately obvious to your customers,
but it will make them uncomfortable over time, and you may lose a
significant number of them.

Second, you will be developing a writer or pool of writers who can
supply you with quality information on your topic, and who will be
developing their own expertise in the area without being potential
competitors to you.

Third, the longer you work with a writer or content article broker
like http://www.yourownarticles.com/, the more likely they are to be able
to supply exactly the information you're looking for.

Newsletters are a type of "push" marketing because you're pushing
your information out to your customers, instead of relying on a
hook like a search engine to draw them back to you.

Push marketing is always a better way to go when you have an
identified interested audience; you are more motivated to sell your
service or product than they are to buy it!

With great content and a newsletter as a tool to keep your
customers coming back, your site has a much better chance of
fulfilling its purpose as an excellent marketing tool.

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