After your web site has been accepted for inclusion in the GoogleAdSense program, the next step should be to format those adsproperly in order to provide visitors to your web site with apleasant and consistent viewing experience. It may be a good ideato experiment with several different ad formats until you find theone that will provide maximum benefit and maximum profits. Fortunately, Google provides a number of excellent tracking toolsso it is easy to see the effect each formatting change will have onclickthrough rates and resulting revenues.Google is very good at choosing the ads to display on theirparticipating web sites, and at making sure that each ad istargeted and relevant to the content included on the web site. Itis important, however, for every owner of an AdSense participatingweb site to make his or her own decisions when it comes toformatting those special blocks of text.It is important for the AdSense ads to look as if they are anatural part of the web site itself. Studies have shown that adswhich are able to blend in with the web site itself have a greaterprobability of being clicked than those that are made to stick out. It is important that visitors to your web site are presented witha consistent look and feel across all the pages of the web sites,and that the ads served appear as if they are a natural part of theweb site content.There are a number of factors involved in this blending in processof course. Some of the most critical factors to consider whendeciding how to format an AdSense ad are the color of the text, theboldness of the text, the font used and the overall color scheme. These factors should all be matched to the those used on the restof the web page. If the web page is written in Times New Roman 12,the ad should be formatted with the same font. The size of thefont should also match that of the surrounding text as much aspossible.The Google AdSense program also provides web site owners with theoption of putting a border around the ad. In general, however,this is a bad idea, as it tends to accentuate the ad and make itstand out. It is better to have the ad blend in with thesurrounding web site, so it is generally best to pass on the borderoption.When choosing colors and fonts, it is important to consider theoverall color scheme of the web site itself. It is important thatthe text be easily readable at a number of different color depthsand screen resolutions, as ads that are not easily read areunlikely to ever be clicked. It is a good idea to look at the website at several different resolutions, and if possible on severaldifferent types of web browsers, in order to make sure that the adsappear legible and unobtrusive.No matter what colors and formatting is used for the rest of theads, however, the text links should always appear in blue. Blue isthe color that web site visitors are used to seeing for links, andit is better to use that perception to your advantage. Changeanything else you want to match the look and feel of your web site,but leave the text links in blue.For those who are interested in going beyond text ads, the GoogleAdSense program does offer a number of graphic ads, also calledimage ads. In general, however, text ads tend to work better andresult in higher click through rates. For most web sites, text adswill load faster and look better, but if Google thinks an image adwill be more appropriate one will be suggested.This free Course is spread apart over a long period of time. If youwant to get whole course immediately you can get it for reasonableprice here:

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